Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Lush Haul - Fresh handmade cosmetics

Lush Haul- Bath bombs/bars

I recently picked up a few bath goodies ready for the winter weather coming. Nothing beats a hot relaxing bath after a long cold rainy day outside.  Another bonus of buying a few bath bombs is the amazing smell it leaves lingering in my bathroom. I now display them in a glass dish because of how colourful and pretty they look and also to create a nice aroma in my bathroom. 

Granny takes a dip bath bomb- £3.75
This bath bomb contains a variety of scents, from lemon to ginger and pepper. It contains a small amount of bubble bar to create a few bubbles in the tub. The 'groovy' colours and style of the bath bomb are inspired from a 1960's clothing company i was told by the enthusiastic worker when i was contimplating buying it. Creates a fun and colourful bath!

Sex bomb bath bomb-£3.35
Everyone i know is a fan of the lush sex bomb bath bomb so I thought it needed to slip into my basket. The scents and ingredients are perfect for a night time bath when your needing to release stress and relax your body. Jasmine is a key ingredient for helping stress and anxiety. It has a loooovely sweet scent, smells a lot like parma- violets, yum!

Sakura bath bomb-£3.35
I have mixed feelings about this bath bomb, the scent i found smelt completely different as a bath bomb to when it was dissolved in the water, once it was dissolved it had quite a therapeutic,medicinal smell to it and i think this bomb would be perfect for someone with aches and pains and works as a good soothing remedy. I didn't like that my bath water didn't change colour or have bubbles though! 

The comforter- bubble bar £4.75
My all time fave lush bath product! This has always been my 'go to' product in lush. It has such a fruity, berry scent that just makes me want to nibble into it. It is a bubble bar not a bomb, because you can use this for 2 or 3 baths, just crumble some of the bar under the hot tap to dissolve it and watch the bubbles appear. The water changes a lovely rich pink bubbly colour. It is such a rich scent and i always smell the scent on me for the rest of my day. It always refreshes and relaxes me in one. The price of this is £4.75 which is a little pricey but it works out worth the money because you get a couple of baths out of it! 

Luxury lush pud bath bomb- £3.50
Lastly, I just couldn't resist buying a christmas bath bomb! Lush deserve a pat on the back for the amount of effort they go to in packaging and new products for christmas time. I picked up the luxury lush pud because of how colourful it looked and i love the smell. It has many different small looking bath bombs inside it that creates pastel flowing colours as it fizzes in the bath.

Such pretty bath bombs. 
Lush cosmetics are by far my favourite bath time products 
I currently have my bath tap running now ready for me to endulge in once i post this blog! I'm choosing to crumble my fave  ( the comforter ) 

What is your favourite lush bath bomb?!

Monday, 28 April 2014

Leighton Denny 
High Performance Nail Colour Review

"Leighton is a leading expert and an internationally recognised figure in the beauty world; with a multi-award winning range of nail and tanning products - first came Leighton Denny Expert Nails "

from left to right:
'Over the rainbow'  'Meet me in Monaco'  'Im so Soirée'  'Get your côte'

This is the first time i have used Leighton Denny's nail colours and already i absolutely love them. I have only worn 'Get your côte' and 'Meet me in Monaco' so far but both colours are perfect! My favourite has to be the bright blue as it is highly pigmented and after two coats has a glossy finish perfect for the summer months coming along hopefully sometime soon. The beige at first i wasn't sure would match my skin tone as i am fairly pale but the colour comes out with different tones from what it originally looks in the bottle, It is more orange toned which adds more colour to the nails than a basic nude polish. I will definitely consider buying more Leighton denny nail colours in the future 

Leighton denny Nail colour's are usually around £11 which i would normally say is expensive for a nail polish, but once using them I can tell by the consistency and pigment that it is a deluxe polish.  

Meet me in Monaco
Get your côte

Also! whilst on the topic of nails, I have finally started to notice my nails becoming longer after using the Sally Hansen nail growth miracle polish, My nails are feeling incredibly strong for the first time ever after using it as a base coat for the last few weeks, and is a good enough reason for me to be splashing out money on some high end polish to reward myself woop!

Face Of The Day (FOTD) College

Studying Beauty Therapy Level 2 at college means I am able to play around and wear make-up whichever way i like, and i personally feel that it is important to make an effort with appearance as a beauty therapist to ensure clients feel comfortable and professional around me performing treatments and recommending products.

 This is my usual every day base of make-up, summed up by contoured cheeks, brown smokey eyes and darkish brows, but the lip colour changes depending on how I'm feeling, this morning i was feeling summery and decided on the pink glossy lip!

In order of use:
1) Simple- Replenishing rich moisturiser
2)Seventeen flawless pore less primer
3) E.L.F eyelid primer- sheer
4) Naked 1 pallet- 'darkhorse' on my crease and to create the smokey eye, 'Smog' on my eyelid, 'Virgin' under eyebrows and on the inner tear duct of my eyes.
5)L'oréal Paris super liner perfect slim- thin line ready for the falsies
6)Rimmel London-scandaleyes retro glam
7)Soap & Glory smoulder kohl- Superblack
8) Seventeen Brow kit
9)Collection- Illuminating touch up concealer- Natural 2
10) Mac Studio sculpt- NW20
11) Rimmel powder-005 silky beige
12) Mac- Harmony blush (I used to contour and add colour to cheeks)
13) Rock on Beauty lashes
14)MUA matte-pouty pink
15)Rimmel London stay glossy-Eternal Flirt

brushes used:
The Body Shop foundation brush
Real Techniques Face collection
Real Techniques Eye collection

Everyday Make-up perfect for many occasions and can be worn with less make-up for a more subtle look or with a bold lip to make it more dramatic.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Superdrug Haul

I went into town today and couldn't resist spending some money in superdrug

I bought a couple of face products, make-up and hair goodies.
I've decided i want to really start looking after my hair after realising i haven't visited my hairdresser in months and my hair hasn't grown any! Because of the bleach i use to highlight my hair and all the heat i put on it ( straightening my hair EVERY day) my hair has started just splitting and snapping off. So I needed a hair product shopping spree. I'm no expert when it comes to hair brands and products, and i know there are more expensive brands than herbal essences but it sounded just what i needed, it is strengthening shampoo and conditioner specifically for damaged hair, and the other matching bottles standing next to them had me intrigued.

 "strengthening intensive mask"
It is to be used once a week and used like a normal conditioner but i think I'll keep it on and cover my hair in cling film for a hour or two to let it soak in before washing it out! It has a lovely fresh scent. This was £1.86 bargain!

To be applied to wet hair and combed through and not to wash it out.This also was £1.86
I'm looking forward to trying all of these out and seeing if they do help my hair. 

I purchased two of the superdrugs face masks. "deep cleansing mud mask" and "moisture mask" It was two for £3.50. 
moisture mask- Because of the time of year, i have had really dry skin and has been making my make-up a nightmare to apply so decided on trying a deep face mask.It is for normal to dry skin.

mud mask- has the natural mineral benefits of dead sea mud to detoxify the skin. I am excited to try this one out!

Simple has always been one of my favourite skin care brands, i have quite sensitive skin so have always trusted simple, i normally use the light moisturiser by simple but noticed the rich moisturiser so thought i would give it a go. It cost £2.59

Lastly, I purchased 3 max factor products as the deal was 3 for the price of 2. I gave the freebie to my mum and it was the anti ageing foundation that she wanted. For myself i thought i would try the "face finity all day flawless" i decided on the colour 'natural 50' At the moment i have been using the L'oreal foundation which i love, but always like to try out new foundations. The second one is the "whipped creme foundation" in the colour 'light ivory' the texture is soo smooth!
Face finity-£11.99
whipped creme-£9.99

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

e.l.f collection

'Eyes Lips Face'

This is a brand i have always went back to for more products, because it isn't a UK based company i have always ordered online, and usually when they have a offer on. I have ordered once when they had a 50% off deal. I ordered so many products and it ended up costing hardly anything! I always keep my eye out for anymore offers.

I have collected elf over the last couple of years, and i still visit the website now and then when i am running out of my favourite products or to see what new stock they have in.

The prices on elf used to be much cheaper than they are now.. When there was a range for £1.50 that is when i ordered the most. Where as now obviously as the company is growing so is the cost..

I have products i love and hate from e.l.f, but far more that i love!

from left to right on the bottom picture of the nail wheel:
'Metal madness''Dark navy''purple dream''teal blue''yellow''Mod mauve''Nude' 'Mango madness'

Nail polish's have always been one of my favourite buys from elf. The price used to be £1.50 which was so cheap, where as now they are £2.50 which is still a very reasonable price as the normal sized nail varnish are big bottles.
The little bottles of polish in the pictures are sets that they bring out through the seasons.  I have the winter and summer sets. I love the colours for the winter ( left hand side on the wheel) they are sparkly and metallic. As i was doing the swatches I had to throw the little orange nail polish away as it was far to gloopy, i don't think the consistency and brushes are as good on the little bottles compared to the normal range. My favourite colour is 'nude' it is a elegant and feminine colour on the nails and matches any outfit.

 These two products i have purchased a few bottles of each over time, as they are my favourite eyelid primer 'sheer' and the concealer 'ivory' has a great coverage and colour.  The eyelid primer is a lightweight liquid formula that soaks in to make the lids smooth ready for application of eyeshadow. My eyeshadow never creases when i use this and my eyeshadow lasts all day. The tone correcting concealer is a essential for my makeup bag, it covers any redness or dark circles, i use the colour "ivory" and for me it gives a flawless base for                  the next step of foundation.                  

Eyeliner&Shadow stick  :Top to bottom:
Pearl&Glow -Plum&Purple-Black&Smoke-Brown&Basic
cream eyeliner-'punk purple'

These eyeliner&shadow sticks i have in a few different colours, and are good for creating quick and easy looks. Using the eyeliner end to create a smudged gel liner that gives the eyes definition, then follow by using the shadow side in the matching colour to highlight the lids and to complement the liner. I haven't used the cream eyeliner that i purchased  but when i did swatch it, it doesn't come out very pigmented and is quite sheer, when i expected it to be a vibrant purple.

The left blush 'Candid Coral' The right blush 'Tickled pink'
Healthy Glow bronzing powder-'Sun kissed'
The 4 set bronzer 'cool bronzer'

The cool bronzer is what i use everyday on my face, The darkest shade is perfect for contouring and then adding the lighter brown for bronzer. I finish by using the white part under my  eyes above my cheeks to add highlight.My favourite blush is "tickled pink' and I use the Healthy glow bronzer in the summer months because it has a lot of shimmer.

Top left picture (from left to right)
'Classy' 'Nostalgic' 'Captivating' 'Posh'
Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick -'In the nudes' 'Pink Umbrellas'
Bottom left picture (from left to right)
'Rich Raspberry' 'Cheerful cherry' 'Runway pink' 'cool coral' lip exfoliator 
Bottom right picture(from left to right)
'vixen' 'Joy' 'raspberry' 'Mauve' 'Fuchsia Fanatic'

The top picture with the silver packaging is a cheaper lipstick range and the bottom picture of the black packaging is the luxury range.
I prefer the cheaper lipsticks as they are much more hydrating on my lips and give a finishing shine. They are scented with a slight fruity strawberry scent.  The downside to them is because they have a moisturising formula they melt easily. A few of them in the past have became unusable from breaking and becoming sticky.But as long as they are kept in a cool storage they are fine. I would say these "essential lipsticks" are one of my favourite lipsticks to use.
The "Mineral Lipsticks" are more sleek and give a better coverage for longer. The nude colours i have can be a little drying. 'Runway Pink' is my favourite for a every day look.
The Hypershine lipgloss has a brush like applicator that you twist to unlock the gloss. I use 'Joy' over other lipsticks to create a pearly shiny look. The 'Luscious liquid lipstick' in shade Raspberry has a mint scent and a sponge applicator. 

Dramatic eyelashes& Natural eyelashes. Brightening eye pots. 
Brightening eyeshadow colour-'Silver lining' 'Glam' 'Butternut''Luxe'

Its clear from the big palette that my favourite shades of eyeshadows are browns. A couple of the pots are almost empty. The brightening eyeshadows are my favourite product from e.l.f I have them in the variety of colours so i can use them for any occasion. I use 'butternut' most days for a everyday brown smokey eye look. And the black colour in the quad "glam' is a perfect black it is super pigmented and has shimmer glitter. 

I am a true fan of e.l.f because of the reasonable prices and the range of products to test out. There are still plenty of products i am wanting to try out and will be placing another order soon.