Friday, 3 April 2015

Benefits of an eyebrow tint & wax

As a newly qualified beauty therapist I love my job working in a salon and doing a few treatments on the side. I have been noticing that a lot of women booked in for a eyebrow wax, for many of them it is the first time having their eyebrows done and i always love seeing the amazing difference it makes!

 I had my eyebrows tinted and waxed for the first time when i was around 14/15 years old. I still remember my first experience.. I flinched at every wax strip being ripped off even though the pain wasn't bad. I always had really fair blonde eyebrows that no one could ever see, so when i first looked at myself after the tint and wax it was a bit of a shock to see my eyebrows! However, since that first time i have always kept up having my eyebrows tinted and waxed. After qualifying as a beautician i now quite often tint them myself but i still like to treat myself to getting my eyebrows done by someone else (still the same beautician i had my first time!) as i look on it as a treat. I usually need my eyebrows done every 6 weeks thats when i really notice them losing a bit of shape and the hairs are too much to handle, though sometimes i get them done sooner. Where as if you have quite dark eyebrows every 4 weeks is usually best.

Eyebrows are such a strong feature of the face now more than ever! Thick, groomed,arched, full looking eyebrows are what women hope to achieve and tint & wax are now a girl's best friend!

Thinking about tinting?
A lot of clients seem to be a little scared of the thought of tinting their eyebrows when there naturally very fair, but i honestly love a bit of tint it makes such a big difference to defining the face. There is so many different shades you can have so no need to worry! from grey/ light brown/ dark brown and black.

Here is all the products and tools i use when tinting and tidying up my eyebrows in between having them waxed. I find tint on my specific eyebrows only lasts fully around 3/4 weeks so sometimes needs topping up before waxing. I don't use all these three tint colours together but sometimes depending on what colour i'm after i will mix two to get the ideal colour.. usually i use dark brown mixed with a tiny bit of black and then mix with 5/6 drops of developer. Tint should only be left on the eyebrows for around 2 minutes, the longer it is left on the darker it will develop. 
TIP: I personally think tweezerman tweezers are well worth the price and are great for getting even the teeniest of hairs!
I won't go into detail about shaping eyebrows because it really does depend on everyone's natural shape but the guideline to stick to really is simple..
  • if you take a ruler and line it up from the side of your nose up to your eyebrows that is where your eyebrows should start.. any hairs past this, usually need to be waxed/plucked.
  • if you then look where the end of your pupil is,and line it up to your eyebrow, that is where your arch should be created.
  • Lastly, with the ruler lining up your nostril with the end of your eyebrow is where your eyebrow should naturally come too, i very rarely pluck many off the actual length of an eyebrow instead i will just thin it out slightly.
A few tips for keeping an eyebrow shape maintained at home without the risk of over-plucking!

Heres a before and after pic of eyebrows before and after tint and wax. Wax is so much better than tweezers because you can get a precise shape and gets rid of all unwanted hairs even the light fluffy hair that is impossible to get rid of with tweezers. Here the tint hasn't made a dramatic change is has just filled in the eyebrow shape better.

I really do believe everyone should have there eyebrows professionally done even just a one off just to get the initial shape to them then it is easier to maintain with tweezers. 

Here is quite a transformation eyebrow t&w. This client had very sparse looking eyebrows and the ends were very fair as you can see. After a medium/dark brown tint applied it suddenly makes the eyebrows appear fuller and more shaped even before the wax! Tint is especially great for the likes of blondes who have died there hair brown, tinting eyebrows really helps make the hair colour look more natural.

Eyebrow t&w's are one of my favourite treatments to do, it changes from week to week what i enjoy doing but i really do love seeing the big change it can make to someone having their eyebrows done. 

TIP: Have a good look around before booking in a salon, always make sure you read reviews online, have a friend's opinion and make sure you have viewed the inside of the salon before your treatment to feel relaxed and comfortable. 

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