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e.l.f collection

'Eyes Lips Face'

This is a brand i have always went back to for more products, because it isn't a UK based company i have always ordered online, and usually when they have a offer on. I have ordered once when they had a 50% off deal. I ordered so many products and it ended up costing hardly anything! I always keep my eye out for anymore offers.

I have collected elf over the last couple of years, and i still visit the website now and then when i am running out of my favourite products or to see what new stock they have in.

The prices on elf used to be much cheaper than they are now.. When there was a range for £1.50 that is when i ordered the most. Where as now obviously as the company is growing so is the cost..

I have products i love and hate from e.l.f, but far more that i love!

from left to right on the bottom picture of the nail wheel:
'Metal madness''Dark navy''purple dream''teal blue''yellow''Mod mauve''Nude' 'Mango madness'

Nail polish's have always been one of my favourite buys from elf. The price used to be £1.50 which was so cheap, where as now they are £2.50 which is still a very reasonable price as the normal sized nail varnish are big bottles.
The little bottles of polish in the pictures are sets that they bring out through the seasons.  I have the winter and summer sets. I love the colours for the winter ( left hand side on the wheel) they are sparkly and metallic. As i was doing the swatches I had to throw the little orange nail polish away as it was far to gloopy, i don't think the consistency and brushes are as good on the little bottles compared to the normal range. My favourite colour is 'nude' it is a elegant and feminine colour on the nails and matches any outfit.

 These two products i have purchased a few bottles of each over time, as they are my favourite eyelid primer 'sheer' and the concealer 'ivory' has a great coverage and colour.  The eyelid primer is a lightweight liquid formula that soaks in to make the lids smooth ready for application of eyeshadow. My eyeshadow never creases when i use this and my eyeshadow lasts all day. The tone correcting concealer is a essential for my makeup bag, it covers any redness or dark circles, i use the colour "ivory" and for me it gives a flawless base for                  the next step of foundation.                  

Eyeliner&Shadow stick  :Top to bottom:
Pearl&Glow -Plum&Purple-Black&Smoke-Brown&Basic
cream eyeliner-'punk purple'

These eyeliner&shadow sticks i have in a few different colours, and are good for creating quick and easy looks. Using the eyeliner end to create a smudged gel liner that gives the eyes definition, then follow by using the shadow side in the matching colour to highlight the lids and to complement the liner. I haven't used the cream eyeliner that i purchased  but when i did swatch it, it doesn't come out very pigmented and is quite sheer, when i expected it to be a vibrant purple.

The left blush 'Candid Coral' The right blush 'Tickled pink'
Healthy Glow bronzing powder-'Sun kissed'
The 4 set bronzer 'cool bronzer'

The cool bronzer is what i use everyday on my face, The darkest shade is perfect for contouring and then adding the lighter brown for bronzer. I finish by using the white part under my  eyes above my cheeks to add highlight.My favourite blush is "tickled pink' and I use the Healthy glow bronzer in the summer months because it has a lot of shimmer.

Top left picture (from left to right)
'Classy' 'Nostalgic' 'Captivating' 'Posh'
Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick -'In the nudes' 'Pink Umbrellas'
Bottom left picture (from left to right)
'Rich Raspberry' 'Cheerful cherry' 'Runway pink' 'cool coral' lip exfoliator 
Bottom right picture(from left to right)
'vixen' 'Joy' 'raspberry' 'Mauve' 'Fuchsia Fanatic'

The top picture with the silver packaging is a cheaper lipstick range and the bottom picture of the black packaging is the luxury range.
I prefer the cheaper lipsticks as they are much more hydrating on my lips and give a finishing shine. They are scented with a slight fruity strawberry scent.  The downside to them is because they have a moisturising formula they melt easily. A few of them in the past have became unusable from breaking and becoming sticky.But as long as they are kept in a cool storage they are fine. I would say these "essential lipsticks" are one of my favourite lipsticks to use.
The "Mineral Lipsticks" are more sleek and give a better coverage for longer. The nude colours i have can be a little drying. 'Runway Pink' is my favourite for a every day look.
The Hypershine lipgloss has a brush like applicator that you twist to unlock the gloss. I use 'Joy' over other lipsticks to create a pearly shiny look. The 'Luscious liquid lipstick' in shade Raspberry has a mint scent and a sponge applicator. 

Dramatic eyelashes& Natural eyelashes. Brightening eye pots. 
Brightening eyeshadow colour-'Silver lining' 'Glam' 'Butternut''Luxe'

Its clear from the big palette that my favourite shades of eyeshadows are browns. A couple of the pots are almost empty. The brightening eyeshadows are my favourite product from e.l.f I have them in the variety of colours so i can use them for any occasion. I use 'butternut' most days for a everyday brown smokey eye look. And the black colour in the quad "glam' is a perfect black it is super pigmented and has shimmer glitter. 

I am a true fan of e.l.f because of the reasonable prices and the range of products to test out. There are still plenty of products i am wanting to try out and will be placing another order soon.

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