Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Lush Haul - Fresh handmade cosmetics

Lush Haul- Bath bombs/bars

I recently picked up a few bath goodies ready for the winter weather coming. Nothing beats a hot relaxing bath after a long cold rainy day outside.  Another bonus of buying a few bath bombs is the amazing smell it leaves lingering in my bathroom. I now display them in a glass dish because of how colourful and pretty they look and also to create a nice aroma in my bathroom. 

Granny takes a dip bath bomb- £3.75
This bath bomb contains a variety of scents, from lemon to ginger and pepper. It contains a small amount of bubble bar to create a few bubbles in the tub. The 'groovy' colours and style of the bath bomb are inspired from a 1960's clothing company i was told by the enthusiastic worker when i was contimplating buying it. Creates a fun and colourful bath!

Sex bomb bath bomb-£3.35
Everyone i know is a fan of the lush sex bomb bath bomb so I thought it needed to slip into my basket. The scents and ingredients are perfect for a night time bath when your needing to release stress and relax your body. Jasmine is a key ingredient for helping stress and anxiety. It has a loooovely sweet scent, smells a lot like parma- violets, yum!

Sakura bath bomb-£3.35
I have mixed feelings about this bath bomb, the scent i found smelt completely different as a bath bomb to when it was dissolved in the water, once it was dissolved it had quite a therapeutic,medicinal smell to it and i think this bomb would be perfect for someone with aches and pains and works as a good soothing remedy. I didn't like that my bath water didn't change colour or have bubbles though! 

The comforter- bubble bar £4.75
My all time fave lush bath product! This has always been my 'go to' product in lush. It has such a fruity, berry scent that just makes me want to nibble into it. It is a bubble bar not a bomb, because you can use this for 2 or 3 baths, just crumble some of the bar under the hot tap to dissolve it and watch the bubbles appear. The water changes a lovely rich pink bubbly colour. It is such a rich scent and i always smell the scent on me for the rest of my day. It always refreshes and relaxes me in one. The price of this is £4.75 which is a little pricey but it works out worth the money because you get a couple of baths out of it! 

Luxury lush pud bath bomb- £3.50
Lastly, I just couldn't resist buying a christmas bath bomb! Lush deserve a pat on the back for the amount of effort they go to in packaging and new products for christmas time. I picked up the luxury lush pud because of how colourful it looked and i love the smell. It has many different small looking bath bombs inside it that creates pastel flowing colours as it fizzes in the bath.

Such pretty bath bombs. 
Lush cosmetics are by far my favourite bath time products 
I currently have my bath tap running now ready for me to endulge in once i post this blog! I'm choosing to crumble my fave  ( the comforter ) 

What is your favourite lush bath bomb?!


  1. I personally love sakura,although the scent isn't one of my favourites.Have you tried the rose jam range?they are my favourite!-Dodie xo

  2. yes i love the rose jam shower gel! :-) x